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THE GREAT SUCCESSOR details the realities of the succession of Kim Jong-Un as leader of the DPRK, with a rare glimpse at the face of leadership the North.

An epic comic of the Dark Kingdom and the passing of power to a third Kim.
Written by Ha Tae Keung
Illustrated by Choi Byeong-seon


THE GREAT SUCCESSOR details the realities of the recent succession of Kim Jong-Un as leader of the DPRK.
From propaganda engines to “trusted” news sources, many of us will never know what really goes on in the Dark Kingdom. THE GREAT SUCCESSOR provides a rare glimpse at the new face (and belly) of leadership in the North.

What is in store for the future of North Korea? Only time will tell, but The Great Successor provides some insight to the background of the young new leader of the most secretive dictatorship on earth. At only thirty, Kim Jong Eun could have a long future as a head of state, he could tow the line of his father’s Military First Philosophy to the bitter end (and invariable ruin of the state) or he could herald a new beginning of reform (in whatever form it will take), and lead his people out of the dark…

THE GREAT SUCCESSOR hopes to answer:
Who is this third Kim?
Where did he come from?
Should we be afraid of him?
Will he make an effort to transform?
Make amends, become friends?
Or will he strike, sudden like a storm?

Is he some savior, here
to save the people from fear and famine?
Will he reexamine Military First
And is he versed in the ways of transforming
A country, torn and tattered
To a place that mattered to its people?

Or at worst, will he in his thirst for power
Build more useless towers, and weapons to reach
At zero hour, the brothers to the south, the allies, the others
To kill men, children and mothers?
Is it in his intentions to attack?
Or will he bring back the idea of utopia true?

We beseech you!

Written by Ha Tae Keung

Born in Busan on March 29, 1968, Prof. Ha graduated from the Department of Physics of Seoul National University, then studied at the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation of Pusan National University and the Graduate School of International Studies of Korea University. He received a doctorate in economics from Jilin University in China and also served as a Reagan Fellow at the US Democracy Research Institute. Since his college years, he has been highly interested in North Korean and unification issues.

While working as a senior researcher at the SK Telecom Business and Economy Research Institute, he conducted volunteer activities related to North Korea. In November 2005, he established Open Radio for North Korea and fully immersed himself in North Korean human rights issues. As the CEO of Open Radio for North Korea, which provides radio broadcasts for the North, he delivers information on the rest of the world to North Korean residents. He is actively using newspapers and television broadcasts to inform residents in South Korea and the rest of the world about the seriousness of North Korean human rights issues. He also wrote the book, Analysis of Actual Human Rights Conditions in North Korea and Issues Regarding North Korean Human Rights Movements. Ha is currently an elected member of the Republic of Korea?s National Assembly.

Illustrated by Choi Byeong-seon

Born in Pyongyang on March 22, 1946, Mr. Choi survived the Korean war and later traveled to the US where he majored in design at the New York Art School in 1961. He is now a researcher at the Global Artists Association and a director of the Korea Cartoonists Association.

With inborn talent in drawing and writing, he demonstrated his ability at an early age. He has worked on cartoons, calligraphy, drawings, and genre paintings, and made caricatures of intangible cultural properties. He has been continually acting as a cultural envoy in each area of politics, economics, and society with works that include Cartoon Korean History, Cartoon World History, Encyclopedia for Learning, and A Child from Pyongyang. He announced countless works through magazines, newspapers, and books, including When Dad Was Little, which was published serially on Sports Chosun.


written by Ha Tae Keung (???)
illustrated by Choi Byeong Seon (???)
planning by Open Radio for North Korea

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Genre Political Comic

ISBN ISBN (US) 978-1-936342-31-0 eBook ISBN 978-1-936342-47-1 ISBN (Korea) 9788996240587 07340

Publisher Hungry Dictator Press?

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