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North Korea and its Reckless Leader

South Korean Lawmaker and Head of Open Radio for North Korea​ ​Reveals​ ​the​ ​Secrets​ of Kim Jong Un's Ascension to Power from the Debriefings of Defectors in a Gripping Graphic Novel.

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How does a dictator gain ascendancy? What circumstances allow a tyrannical figure to co-opt, coerce, and come to force, seizing hold of a country and its people?

From the ABC's of Adolf, Brezhnev and Castro, Sadam to Stalin, Mao to Mussolini and even overlords like Big Brother and Sauron himself, dictators have conquered both real and fictional worlds, nightmares for the day and night. Stories of their reigns are often revealed, but when the backgrounds of these dictators are told, the tale of who they were and who they would become, we may discover what makes them tick, what their later decisions will be...

To understand better, we must learn from one of the most secretive totalitarian regimes in the world.

Several despots come to mind... Pol Pot, Castro, Putin, and right at the top of the list... Kim Jong Un, the third in line of North Korea's notorious Kim clan.

Here we look at the ongoing sedition of this Hungry dictator through the eyes of his people.



From propaganda engines to "trusted" news sources, many of us will never know what really goes on in the Dark Kingdom. THE GREAT SUCCESSOR provides a rare glimpse at the new face (and belly) of leadership in the North.

The Great Successor provides real world insight to the background of the young leader of the most secretive dictatorship on earth. Taking the lead at only thirty, Kim Jong Un could have a long future as a head of state, he could toe the line of his father's Military First Philosophy to the bitter end (and the invariable ruin of the state) or he could herald a new beginning of reform (in whatever form it will take), and lead his people out of the dark...

Baek Seok: Poems of the North 백석 시 모음집


An Epic Comic of the Dark Kingdom & the Passing of Power to a Third Kim

The Great Successor hopes to answer:

  • Who is this third Kim? Where did he come from? Should we be afraid of him?

  • ​At only 30, Kim Jong-Un could have a long future as head of state. He could tow the line of the ruinous rule of 'Military First' or he could herald a new beginning of reform & lead his people out of the darkness…

  • ​​Will he make an effort to transform? Make amends, become friends? Or will he strike, sudden like a storm?

  • What's in store for the future of North Korea? Only time will tell, but The Great Successor provides some insight to the background of the young leader of the most secretive dictatorship on earth.



What's Inside:


The Battle Begun ~ The Young One Won

1. Successor Kim Jong-Un's Official Presentation

2. The Forgotten Misfortune of The Emperor’s Eldest Grandson

3. The Downfall of Kim Jong-Nam

4. The U-Am-Gak Case


Many Steps to be Taken. Step, Step, Step... Much Prep to Keep His Rule Unshaken

1. Kim Jong-Un’s Childhood

2. Kim Jong-Un Vs. Kim Jong-Chul

3. Making Kim Jong-Un’s Hereditary Succession Official

4. Secrets of Kim Jong-Un’s Birth

5. Kim Jong-Il’s Health

6. The Idolization of Kim Jong-Un


Ddos Attacks, The Cheonan Torpedo, The Yeonpyeong Shelling & A Nuclear Credo

1. Kim Jong-Un's 1st Provocation

2. Kim Jong-Un's 2nd Provocation

3. Kim Jong-Un’s 3rd Provocation

4. Kim Jong-Un & The Military Superpower


From A 100,000 Home Fantasy & 150-Day Battle Bulge, To Botched Currency Reform & A Slush Fund Indulge

1. Kim Jong-Un’s 1st Domestic Policy

2. Kim Jong-Un’s 2nd Domestic Policy

3. Kim Jong-Un: The Hedonist

4. Kim Jong-Un’s Slush Fund


From Bloody Purge, To Defector Assassination, A Surge of Anti-Jung-Un Attitudes & A Final Call To Action

1. Kim Jong-Un’s Bloody Purge

2. Hwang Jang-Yop And Kim Jong-Un

3. Anti-Kim Jong-Un Feelings

4. Kim Jong-Un And Defectors

5. An Unstable North Korea

What People Are Saying About This Book


Readers' Favorite - International Book Awards

The Great Successor is an Illustration Award Winner!

Readers' Favorite - International Book Awards

Bronze Medal Winner for The Great Successor in the Fiction - Graphic Novel/Comic category

Perhaps this is the most serious and thought-provoking comic book that I've ever read. Reading or listening to any news about the self-isolated North Korea is sporadic at best. This book gives us insight into the North Korea dictator's past, present, and the sentiments towards him and his ruling. Readers will also learn about Jong Un's half older brother, Kim Jong Nam, who was once widely considered to be the next leader of North Korea. Jong Nam's capitalist nature and his desire for reformation of the country, however, were opposed by his father. His much-publicized botched attempt to secretly enter Japan using a fake passport and visit Tokyo Disneyland in 2001 was his ultimate downfall with his father and North Korea's elite.

The illustrated feelings of the North and South Koreans regarding the succession give us a rare and informative glimpse into this particular event. All in all, this is a great read and ultimately, the North Koreans are hoping for a better future. Hopefully that day will come soon.

~ Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

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A truthful and detailed retelling of Kim Jung-Un's succession to dictator of North Korea

Assassinations, nuclear warfare, and family betrayal… The life of Kim Jung-Un sounds like a bestselling novel, but this real life Big Brother is a living fantasy.

The Great Successor tells the story of Kim Jung-Un's rise to power in North Korea as one of the most reclusive leaders in the world today. Like many, I've heard all the ridiculous storie about Kim in North Korea, including a golf outing that resulted in 18 holes in one. While most understand BS when they see it, these stories effectively distract from the truth. This book clears the record.

This expose goes into the detail of Kim Jung-Un's succession, how his childhood lead up to it, how he set himself up for it, and how he’s been bumbling through his position as dictator. The story of the man is interesting in itself, but the best part of the book is the slight peek into the lives of the regular people of North Korea. The everyday victims of Kim Jung-Un's decisions are humanized in a way that a lot of media has neglected. These people are frustrated with the dynasty that has ruled over them since the division of Korea. Rather than lumping the people of North Korea with the decisions of their dictator, this book separates the state and its people and reminds us that a countries' citizens are not their government.

Highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Its a quick, easy, and informative read.

Jon Dufrane

5.0 out of 5 stars

Through the vibrant and thought-provoking graphics and writing, the author has stirred the flame of resentment in the reader's mind. The comic unveils the unfair system of dictatorship under Kim Jong-Un as he oppresses the citizens of North Korea and extorts huge amounts of money to fund the military.

The comic illustrates the draconian acts of Kim Jong-Un and his imprudent use of power. 7.7 DDOS attacks, the Cheonan attack and 150 days battle are some of the examples given. The inflation rate of 7500% during the currency reform is one of the notable incidents that show us the economic condition of North Korea. People who rose to revolt against this tyranny were brutally tortured and executed without trial.

The illustrator did a great job portraying the dark age of North Korea. The use of vibrant colours to express palpitating situations was impressive.

What stood out to me in the comic is the portrayal of the economic, social and political situation of North Korea. Every incident was followed by the opinions of various people in the country for a comprehensive view of the situation. The mystery around the birth of Kim Jong-Un and his biological mother also piqued my interest. Personally, I loved the comic and was deeply touched by it.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars for its brilliant use of graphic and a very realistic portrayal of North Korea. I recommend this book to someone who loves to read graphic novels and politics.

Sunny Royish

Official OnlineBookClub.org Review

Great glimpse behind the scenes in North Korea

Due to my years of studying taekwon-do and other martial arts, I'm quite fascinated by Korean culture, even to the point of working to learn the language. With that in mind, this collection of political cartoons on the subject Kim Jong-Un's succession as the leader of North Korea was right in my wheelhouse.

The folks who put this together are members of Open Radio for North Korea, and as the name suggests, they are not afraid to be brutally honest about what they see going on in North Korea. This collection of cartoons certainly pulls no punches.

Gathered here are cartoons that cover all three of Kim Jong-Il's sons and tells of their history. Along the way we find out why Kim Jong-Un, the third son of Kim Jong-Il, ends up taking over instead of his older brother or half-brother.

What I enjoyed about it most was that it was obviously written in Korean first. While the narrative is done in English, there is plenty of Korean left in the panels, especially showing sound effects, labels on people and items, etc. Fortunately for those who don't speak Korean, those remnants are helpfully translated, usually in the form of footnotes.

What I got the most from this collection was the glimmer of hope in North Korea. While the prospects of Kim Jong-Un becoming anything but a third-generation despot are slim, things are changing in North Korea. More and more often, its citizens are getting glimpses of what the rest of the world has to offer and, more importantly, how their living conditions truly compare to other countries. When this becomes too stark of a reality for them to take anymore, perhaps there will be a change. For the sake of those citizens, I hope it's soon.

Bert Edens

Official OnlineBookClub.org Review


Born in Busan on March 29, 1968, Prof. Ha graduated from the Department of Physics of Seoul National University. In November 2005, Ha Tae Keung established Open Radio for North Korea and fully immersed himself in North Korean human rights issues. As the CEO of Open Radio for North Korea, which provides radio broadcasts for the North, he delivers information on the rest of the world to North Korean residents.

He is actively using newspapers and television broadcasts to inform residents in South Korea and the rest of the world about the seriousness of North Korean human rights issues. He also wrote the book, Analysis of Actual Human Rights Conditions in North Korea and Issues Regarding North Korean Human Rights Movements. Ha is currently an elected member of the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly.

Written by Ha Tae Keung

Illustrated by Choi Byeong-Seon


Born in Pyongyang on March 22, 1946, Mr. Choi survived the Korean war and later traveled to the US where he majored in design at the New York Art School in 1961. He is now a researcher at the Global Artists Association and a director of the Korea Cartoonists Association.

He has worked on cartoons, calligraphy, drawings, and genre paintings, and made caricatures of intangible cultural properties. He has been continually acting as a cultural envoy in each area of politics, economics, and society with works that include Cartoon Korean History, Cartoon World History, Encyclopedia for Learning, and A Child from Pyongyang. He announced countless works through magazines, newspapers, and books, including When Dad Was Little, which was published serially on Sports Chosun.

What you're getting today:

Learn the Shocking Truth

What's really going on in North Korea

& how a Dictator Shapes the Lives of People in North Korea.

  • A beautifully illustrated & informative graphic novel

  • A glimpse into the succession of Kim Jong Un

  • A cautionary tale, perfect for adults & teens

  • An important piece of history at your fingertips

  • Based on first-person interviews with NK defectors

  • A quick 172 page read of this appalling, fact-filled affair

  • A sobering reminder of the atrocities still in play in the DPRK

  • A deep dive into the politics of the Dark Kingdom

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